Real People Real Prices

Take Your Sleepy’s Mattress and Shove It

Bill L., from North Attleborough, bought a plush top Serta Perfect Sleeper from Sleepy’s in Emerald Square Mall. Within a few months the mattress had developed a big dip in the middle. )They were normal sized couple.) Bill went to Sleepy’s and told them that the mattress had failed while it was still under warranty. (Three months into a 10 year warranty.) Sleepy’s wouldn’t honor the warranty.

Bill was infuriated. Took the mattress to Sleepy’s and shoved it through their front door.

Later that day, Bill went to the Bedding Center and purchased the same mattress for $400 less than he had spent at Sleepy’s and has had no problems with his new Bedding Center mattress.

Sleepy’s Salesman Takes Advantage of Girlfriend

Ralph P., from North Attleborough, visited the Bedding Center in October. His girlfriend had purchased a mattress from Sleepy’s for $1,800. Ralph didn’t want to spend anywhere near that much and called the salesman to cancel the order. The salesman offered to knock the price down $600 to keep the sale.

Ralph was infuriated that the salesman had overcharged his girlfriend by $600 and canceled the order.

Later that week, he went to the Bedding Center and bought the same mattress, a Spring Air pillow top, for $789. He saved over a $1,000 over Sleepy’s original price and almost $500 over their “bottom line.”

A “Professional Mattress Tester”

Peter B., a property manager who rents furnished apartments to professionals and professional retirees, recently refurbished the beds in his units with new Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses from the Bedding Center and saved over $700 per mattress over quotes that he got from Cardi’s for the same mattress.

Louis G., a former international pilot for American Airlines, who has slept in beds in all the best hotels on 6 out of the 7 continents (sorry no Antarctica) said, “My new bed is the best mattress that I’ve slept on. And I’ve slept in over 1,000 hotels in my career.”


Happy Ending to a Sad Bedtime Story

“Joe” from Mansfield bought a mattress from Jordan’s in August. He paid $1,650 the mattress, put in on his pickup truck and drove home. One the way home, a gust of wind blew the mattress off his truck and it was ruined on Route 95. He was understandably devastated. The same day he called the Bedding Center, because he needed a cheap mattress to get him by until he could replace the mattress he had lost.

The Bedding Center was able to replace the mattress he had lost on the highway for $780. Exactly the same mattress for less than half what he had paid at Jordan’s.