Take Your Sleepy’s Mattress and Shove It

Take Your Sleepy’s Mattress and Shove It

Bill L., from North Attleborough, bought a plush top Serta Perfect Sleeper from Sleepy’s in Emerald Square Mall. Within a few months the mattress had developed a big dip in the middle. )They were normal sized couple.) Bill went to Sleepy’s and told them that the mattress had failed while it was still under warranty. (Three months into a 10 year warranty.) Sleepy’s wouldn’t honor the warranty.

Bill was infuriated. Took the mattress to Sleepy’s and shoved it through their front door.

Later that day, Bill went to the Bedding Center and purchased the same mattress for $400 less than he had spent at Sleepy’s and has had no problems with his new Bedding Center mattress.

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