Types of Mattresses

Inner Spring Mattresses — Most Popular Mattress in America

Innerspring mattresses were initially invented over a hundred years ago and were originally descended from the same technology used to make buggy seats. The technology of the innerspring mattress has advanced tremendously over the past century. There are two common types of innerspring mattresses. Open coil and wrapped coil.

Conventional Open Coil

Open coil mattresses are cost effective and offer great durability.

  • Usually less expensive, softer feel
  • Many brands come with an edge guard, long lasting, good for big and tall people, protects against failure of the edges
  • Look for mattresses with foam encasement, makes the edges of the mattresses softer, keeps you from rolling off
  • Great performer for people who like a firm feel
  • Many models have built in memory foam or gel foam

Individually Wrapped Coils

Wrapped coil mattresses allow sleepers to roll or move in bed without disturbing their partners. Each coil moves independently, surrounding your hips and shoulders with support while giving your legs adequate comfort.

  • Closer to the feel to a memory foam bed
  • Conforms to your shape
  • Available with foam encasement
  • Plush, firm or pillow top models
  • Memory foam and gel foam are available for added comfort, disperses body heat
Latex Foam — Naturally Comfortable

Latex foam mattresses are naturally comfortable with a great buoyant feel. This non-synthetic product relieves pressure on muscles and improves circulation.

Gel Infused Memory Foam — Cool, confortable
Gel Infused Memory Foam

While the original memory foam mattresses trapped body heat, gel-infused memory foam gives the support, pressure relief and comfort of memory and wicks body heat away from your body to give you a cool, comfortable night’s sleep.

  • Most memory foam mattresses are gel-infused to reduce heat build-up
  • Suppresses motion so partners don’t disturb each others sleep when they roll or get out of bed
  • Prevents bedsores by evenly distributing body weight
  • Temperpedic mattresses are expensive because of the brand name often over $4,000, Equivalent Serta memory foam mattresses can sell for as little $550 to $650 in queen size, and they’re shipped uncompressed because they’re made in the U.S.
Hybrid Mattresses — A Dreamy Combination of
Support and Comfort

Hybrid mattresses combine the resilience of a wrapped coil mattress with the independence of motion of memory foam. Typical hybrid mattresses start with a traditional wrapped innerspring foundation with a healthy layer of gel-infused memory foam to give you independence of motion and quality support for an ideal sleep cycle.

  • Combination of individually wrapped coils with either gel or memory foam
  • Coils are contoured to body shape
  • Specially engineered for side sleepers
Adjustable Beds  — The Ultimate in Comfort Control

Adjustable bases can be added to most mattresses to allow you and your partner to control the height at the head and foot of your mattresses.

  • Perfect for reading, working or watching TV in bed.
  • Adjustable beds can help with circulation and a number of sleep and health issues including acid reflux, lower back pain, sleep apnea and snoring. Look for models that offer massage settings.